Life Changing Diagnostics!

Detecting biomarkers and bacteria in less 30 mintues.

About Us

CEXAL LTD is a Scottish-based biotech company revolutionizing microbial testing through the use of a novel class of biosensors.

Since 2021, we have invested in the development of rapid, easy-to-use, point-of-need diagnostics (30 minutes or less).

Diagnostics that significantly surpass the current gold standard methods for microbial detection.

Compared to other rapid diagnostic companies our technology

  • Is made by only two active components
  • Can be used directly on clinial or environmental samples
  • Does not necessitate equipment (handheld devices or readers)
  • Provides definitive results comparable to laboratory methods


We offer a comprehensive portfolio for genotyping and phenotyping bacterial testing, as well as small-molecule testing, all based on our proprietary core technology. Our portfolio also includes a proprietary sampling device designed for the pre-enrichment and concentration of bacterial samples for analysis.

FluoCDx Platform

a 30-minute bacterial phenotyping test

RapidPath Platform

a 30-minute bacterial genotyping test

Nanosensr Platform

a 30-minute small molecule test


A single-step bacterial pre-enrichment sampling colelction tube


On a mission of using Molecular Biology and Sensor Engineering to make cost-effective molecular testing.

Dr Praveenkumar Kaveri

Chief Scientific Officer

13 years of experience in assay development

Matteo Cese

Chief Executive Officer

Nearly a decade of experience working with startups

Kush Rustagi

Research Associate

A dynamic early-career researcher

Alejandro Saldana Jauregui

Laboratory Technician

A detail-oriented biotech professional

Duncan Ballantyne


Gaganashree Rameshbabu



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